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Frequently Asked Reiki Questions:

What is Reiki?

1. What exactly is White Light Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy work that cleanses and balances the energy system in the body. As a result, the body's natural self-healing mechanisms strengthen, helping to establish optimum health. During a session, I work directly with your energy field to remove blockages, detoxify your system, and restore your vital life force energy. Reiki utilizes a gentle laying on of hands to conduct the necessary energy force between us. The benefits of Reiki range from the release of habitual mental/emotional stress to alleviating chronic pain. Just relax gently into the table during this fully clothed treatment that will assist you to feel relaxed, restored, and renewed.

There are three major people credited with the re-discovery or Reiki.

Dr Mikao Usui
Dr. Chujiro Hayashi
Mrs Hawaya Takata

Reiki was lost for many centuries and was re-discovered by Dr Mikao Usui in the late 1800's and was handed down verbally for many years.

Dr Usui

Dr Usui lived in Japan ,.where he studied many forms of healing and religions...Christianity, The Bible, Buddhism, Hinduism etc. There are two historical accounts:

1) He was a Dean of a small university in Kyoto, Japan
2) A Buddhist Monk

Both of these accounts merge at the point where he studied Tibetan Lotus Sutras. He went to Mount Juri Yama where he fasted and meditated for 21 days. At the end of the 21 days a great light containing all colors of the rainbow shown in the sky and moved toward him and entered his being through his third eye. This was Dr. Usui's attunement. A golden screen and symbols appeared before him. A voice said "These are the keys to healing...Remember them and do not allow them to be lost." He was energized even though he had not eaten for 21 days. He went among the poor the homeless and destitute and performed powerful healings.

Dr. Hayashi

Dr. Hayashi Was a wealthy and well educated man and a commander in the Japanese Navy. He heard of Dr. Usui's teachings and studied with him and eventually was appointed Grand Master by Usui. He created 12 traditional hand positions and three levels of training, and created a Reiki Clinic in Japan. Sensing the coming of WWII and knowing he would be called into active service he passed all the teachings on to two women. his wife and Hawayo Takata.

Hawayo Takata

Mrs. Takata was born on Kauai in 1900. Her young husband died leaving her with two small children.  She became ill and her Japanese surgeon recommended Hayashi's clinic.  After several months of treatment she was free of all tumors etc and studied with Dr. Hayashi. He made her the Grand Master of the Reiki Tradition. She initiated 22 Reiki masters.

These three are considered the base for all Reiki, and that is where the similarity to traditional Usui Reiki ends.

White Light Reiki

In 1980 several other Reiki traditions were formed and information added to the teachings as we learned more about energy.  White Light (Johrei) Reiki (created by Jim Davis a traditional Usui Master), Karuna, Reiki Plus and Radiance Techniques.

I have trained traditional Usui practitioners into White Light Classes but there are differences and students usually require some additional class time. In the White Light Reiki I certification class you get a detailed and comprehensive manual, as well as Chakra explanations and Spirit Guide information.  There are 35-40 hand positions during the first degree .  White Light also includes diagnostic techniques called Beaming & Scanning. I include Integrated Energy Therapy points and information which helps get a more accurate diagnostic and complete picture of the client.

2. How long have you been teaching White Light Reiki--and what do you enjoy most about it?

I have been teaching White Light Reiki for about 20 years now. I started teaching small individual classes and proposed the classes to a local community college.  I taught at the college for three years and most classes ranged between 15 to 30 students from all walks of life and belief systems.  I was blessed with training about 500 practitioners at all certification levels.  I teach on occasion at the massage school I attended and I hold certification classes as part of my holistic practice. I am nationally approved by the NCMTMB to issue CEU credit for all levels of Reiki certification for Massage Therapists.

What I love about teaching Reiki is watching as students eyes open to a whole new world of possibilities.  Seeing someone feel the energy for the first time; Watching as their confidence builds and as they walk out and make significant and healing changes in their lives and the lives of those they love; Giving someone a way to help....a way to heal...and a group that will always be there to support them. 

Reiki is life changing

3. Is there anything else (besides Reiki) that you will teach in this class, and if so, what?

As stated before I include Integrated Energy Therapy information that has been very helpful to my students.  I am an IET Master-Instructor but I find that Steven Thayer's classes are difficult to teach due to the manuals so I give my students the benefit without the extra cost. I feel that all modalities are helpful. Whatever you can bring in your little black bag to help someone, you bring.  I have studied IET, Raindrop Therapy, Massage, Reconnection and a few other items taking Information that works and leaving the rest. Whatever I have learned gives me a broader base of experience to teach from. I encourage my students to read about healing techniques breathwork, massage, meditation, crystals, oils, Shamanic practices whatever works for the individual.  I encourage them to share what they have learned with the group. It's all about the clients, the love , and the healing.

4. What can I expect to experience and walk away with after I complete your Level 1 Training? Level 2? Level 3?

Everyone has the ability to do Reiki. You are born with a receptor the size of a garden hose on top of your head. When you study and get attunements it grows to the size of a fire hose.  Once you receive a Reiki attunement you never lose it. The more you use it the cleaner you keep the pipeline the better it works.

Level I:

God Bless The Reiki I's:

You can expect that your life will change. I tell my class the way you came in is not the way you are leaving. The attunement is like a Roto-Rooter of your energy system, and it's easy! The Reiki I energy frequency is primarily physical so the primary sensations for the client and practitioner are physical but the energy does have latent emotional, and spiritual attributes. Your hands will get warm, you will feel heat off parts of the body where there is blocked energy. You will feel the power surges like a hot flash and some will experience increased psychic awareness. Most importantly most if not all will be able to do it Day 1! (I only had 1 in 15 years that couldn't feel it, and that was my ex- husband, go figure) but he was still and excellent practitioner. Supervised Hands of practice sessions are included in all classes to build practitioner confidence.

Level II

If you never go any further you need to get to Level II.  Reiki II energy is a more subtle yet strong energy. The heat is minimized. Practitioners receive a greater opening of the conduit which allows them to work on the mental and emotional dimensions of the client and themselves. They learn Three of Five Reiki Symbols to increase the intensity and effectiveness of the energy.

Students learn Absentee or Distance Reiki. Distance Reiki can be compared to intercessory prayer.  Intercessory prayer gently floats over and around the person. I like to say that Absentee Reiki is more like "Healing with Attitude" that gently but with purpose arrives like a laser to specific person or body part. An Absentee only takes 15-20 minutes instead of an hour table treatment. You can work on anyone around the globe from your living room with the same effects and impressions as a hands on table treatment.  It is especially helpful when the practitioner cannot be physically there. I have used it on terminal patients and even during childbirth. During Reiki II practicalities about establishing healing practices are included.

Level III

Level III is like getting your Reiki Black Belt.  This attunement is 100% opening of the conduit just as strong as a Reiki Master. This level was developed for those that want the full experience of Reiki but are not drawn to teach. This level works primarily on the spiritual dimension of the client. Due to the increased energy practitioners learn how to Beam Energy and Diagnose via Scanning. They can perform multi-task Absentee sessions. They also get additional hand positions for specific positions, ways to diagnose and perceive energy and ways to expand and nourish your energy, and an additional power symbol. The course also includes basic business guidelines.

Master Level:

It is a requirement of White Light Reiki that a student wait two years after their Reiki I Attunement to apply for Master-Instructor training.  During the White Light Reiki Master-Instructor certification, students receive a Master Level Attunement Symbol that allows them to attune others, and the tools they need to teach all levels of White Light Reiki Certification Instruction.

I do not believe that it is a foregone conclusion that all students will become Reiki Masters.  I emphasize at Level III that an individual really needs to reflect and decide if they feel a "calling" to pursue a Master-Instructor level.  Students are advised that they take on the serious responsibility and commitment to maintain the integrity and high standards teaching and service the Reiki Master-Instructor level requires. This is serious work and a Reiki Master is typically an individual with a passion for people and healing.

Out the over 1000+ practitioners I have trained only a dozen have decided to certify as Reiki Masters.

They were the right dozen.

5. What, if any ongoing support do you offer?

I am in it for the long hall. I am often best reached by email. I am in contact with my very first students to my current ones.  If someone needs information, to talk, a remote healing whatever, I am there. Students drift in and out but when they call or email it's always welcomed. If I don't know the answer I'll find someone who has experienced it or we will do the research together. I keep students updated on Face book.

I offered Meditation classes every Thursday. Not just your standard relaxation meditations. It's my own written meditations under spirit's guidance. My meditations are Meditations With A Mission"Educate & Relate", is my motto. I go to a class and the first thing I ask is "What can I do with it?", "How can it add value to the healings I am facilitating?", How can I incorporate it into my classes or meditations".

Meditations have included topics like Clearing your Ancestry, Accessing Akashic Records, Angel Hierarchy, Healing Your Past etc.

6. What are the practical applications for Reiki?

Almost every major hospital in the U.S. now has Reiki included in their services. Reiki is offered in Hospice and Cancer programs, and as an offering to their general population. More medical professionals are taking classes for CEU's and finding that they can blend these techniques as they care for their patients. There are so many applications because Reiki works on the source of the dis-ease not just the physical manifestation. Parents of autistic children state that it helps them better communicate with their children, people in surgery come out with less anxiety and heal faster, and those with addictions find their way to recovery.

I have utilized Reiki in coordination with psychiatric care plans for addictions, anxiety,etc. with great results. I have seen blood pressure drop points and stay there, migraines cease. All under the careful guidance of their medical professional.Reiki has added benefits when coupled with massage and acupuncture.

I have utilized Reiki before and after surgery which helped relieve the patient's anxiety in surgical recovery and to reduce healing time.  I have offered treatments to cancer patients during treatment and in hospice.

As more studies are released and the benefits, monetary, health and spiritual are realized Reiki is becoming main stream. Some insurance companies now have a CPT code (Billing Codes) for Reiki. IT is catching up with the integration that has already occurred in most areas for Massage and Acupuncture within traditional medical practices. Thank goodness because most of my family are nurses!

7. Will your class make me more psychic? If yes, in what way?

Most likely, Yes. If you already have these tendencies it will bring them out.If you are very intuitive it clears the passages and allows a greater flow of energy so that your "perceptions" are even clearer and come through quicker. Individuals with some psychic gifts will find that other areas may open to them such as Past Life visions, Dream States and Mediumship.  Those that do Yoga or Thai Chi will feel the energy more readily as they go through the movements, and have a greater understanding of exactly what is happening.

8. Can anyone learn this?

Anyone can learn this. It does not require a special skill set, physical or psychic abilities, dogma or diet. That is what is so great about this. I am a movie buff so let me put this in movie terms. There was a movie called "Oh God" a ways back (Hey, no trying to figure out my age) with John Denver and George Burns. George played God. There was a scene when John Denver says to God "Why don't you just come down here and help us and fix everything?.To this God replied "That's why I gave you each other". That's where I feel that Reiki comes in.  It's a gift we all have and it's intended that we use it to help each other and the planet.

9. Are there any web sites you recommend to learn more about you, your work, and White Light Reiki?

There are a million sites on the web that will tell you some of the same things I just explained about White Light Reiki.  You can look at my site at Each person has a different experience with Reiki.  The reason I do Reiki is not the same as the reason you do Reiki.  Some people have more physical healing ability, others emotional etc. Different people will be drawn to different practitioners because of their skills and life experiences.  So when you look at stories or information that is something to keep in mind.  What perspective are they are coming from? There are also those who are negative about it due to religious upbringing.  I learned Reiki from a Catholic Nun and my friend who is a Catholic healing priest says we are doing the same thing in different clothes.

Hospitals, nurses, doctors and psychologist and even Dr. Oz have story after story of how Reiki assisted to help individuals conquer illness, and experience beautiful life transformations and find peace and healing in times of final transition.

As you can tell from my "short" responses I love to talk about this and could go on until my voice gives out.  This is just not a hobby or a side line for me.  Teaching healing is my Passion and my Purpose. White Light Reiki training is often the switch that assists many of my students to shine BRIGHT in every aspect of their lives.

If you require any additional information I invite you to email me at