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I believe the best testimonials come directly from the students and clients I have met along the way.


There is something special about Amy's classes, and that something special is Amy.  She is amazing and professional. Amy is a well rounded practitioner with years of teaching and practical experience behind her.

Her training as a Massage Therapist, IET Master-Instructor in addition to her other therapies and natural gifts make her the Premier White Light Reiki Instructor & Practitioner.

Amy's classes are for individuals that want a complete, professional and comprehensive education.  Her classes are filled with information yet Amy's unique teaching style make the material easy to understand and apply. The class atmosphere is open and inviting and filled with light and laughter that only Amy can bring. Her years of Consistently Exceptional student ratings prove that this is the class to take.  The simple fact is.... there is NO other Instructor like Amy!

I was completely new to Reiki when I signed up to take Reiki I and II but Amy made me feel very comfortable that I would be able to learn the process.  Her manuals and vast experience covered the information that we needed; and I was excited to move forward, learn more and start practicing├é┬Ł. Marie H, HI

I've worked with Amy for over 10 years.  She's an extraordinary energy worker with amazing skills and yet she is personable and  approachable. The energy and light she brings to a room is palpable.  Her sessions are always warm, welcoming and filled with her humor and generous spirit.  She really helped me improve myself and hone my skills". ...Stacy H., NJ

When signing up for the class I was seeking to become more psychically aware. I have since become a lot more intuitive, am able to manifest goals quicker and I'm amazed that I can heal. It's only been a month so far I can only imagine what's to come. I found that those I give Reiki too have different experiences but all positive. The Reiki class was a wonderful experience where I made life long friends who I can relate too and feel free to share with. By the way I've only certified level two I'm super excited for level 3. Amy is an amazing teacher! Aloha, Hannah T. Honolulu, HI

" I feel that this course was very strong . Having never experienced Reiki before it was everything and more than I had hoped for"...Andrea C. ,NJ

I took the Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 classes which were awesome. The classes were easy to understand and I really did not need to know anything before hand.  After taking the classes, I felt calmer and more grounded. It was such a great feeling.  I find that I am sharing Reiki with whoever I meet. It is something that is so fulfilling and it makes me feel complete.  I am totally in love with Reiki and am so glad I decided to take this class.Wanda T,Oahu, HI

" I think Amy is the best Reiki practitioner and teacher I've ever come across"....Ashley N., NJ

"Loved my class. Clear, Concise, Empowering, Enlightening and Fun"...Lorraine M., NJ

"Learned to be " In Tune" with my energy and the energy of others. This class will also enhance my massage career"..M. Chen, NJ

"Amy teaches in a relaxed atmosphere that was conducive to this course,The course is wonderful for spiritual growth"...Susan Z, NJ

"The instructor Amy Berg is just so sweet. Couldn't take any course for 9 hours if it wasn't for the interest she built up"...It was a humbling and enlightening experience"...Virginia M.NJ

"Strengths of the class were the knowledge of the instructor. She was energetic and friendly. It was the first time in a long time that I have been relaxed..Great Course..Thank you Amy"...Christine D., Woodbridge,NJ

" Amy did a GREAT job, I highly recommend the class!"...Chuck L. , Monroe, NJ

" The strengths of this course were the knowledge of the instructor and the small group was comfortable and intimate".....Nora M., Bridgewater, NJ

"Learning about Reiki was great I received a lot of knowledge".....Joan C., NJ